Kentucky's National Science Foundation Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research

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KY NSF EPSCoR 2014-2015 Academic Year Programs Funding Opportunities:
    ♦ Research Startup Support (RSS)
        •  Funding to recruit new-hire, research-active Kentucky faculty who will submit proposals to the NSF.
        •  No UK or UofL applications.
    ♦ Research Enhancement Grant (REG)*
        •  Faculty seed-funding for research projects for enabling future proposal applications submitted to the NSF.
        •  No UK or UofL applications.

         * The initial application round for the REG program is now closed. The other programs remain open.
    ♦ Research Scholars Program (RSP)
        •  Financial support for faculty-mentored research projects for underrepresented undergrad students in STEM fields.
        •  Encourages requests from students from Appalachian counties.
    ♦ Education, Outreach and Communication Awards (EOC)
        •  Funding to support STEM education, outreach and communication events and activities. 
    ♦ EPSCoR Internships (EI)
        •  Financial support to sponsor Kentucky postsecondary students' internship with Kentucky S&T companies.

Kentucky receives Research Infrastructure Improvement (RII) Track-1 $20 million award from NSF

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